It's you vs. the mountain, the environment, and everyone!

Climbers in CLIMB! will fight against dynamic environments, falling rocks, frostbite,  and an array of outrageous weapons and gadgets in a mad scramble to the finish!
Scale cliffs in various hazardous environments around the globe! Get to the top and brag to your friends, or fall to your death in a shower of ludicrous gibs.
Are you good enough to scale the world’s deadliest mountains?

Game Environments

Game environments in CLIMB! will take you around the globe to our planet’s harshest, most dangerous mountains! Climb up steep cliffs, swing from ropes, traverse through intense blizzards and avoid avalanches — or create them!  Don’t forget your sunscreen, medical kit, and maybe a map, you will need them!

Game Modes

Game modes ​in CLIMB! solo free-climb by taking your time.  Wanna be the guy? challenge yourself to dominate the mountain as quickly as you can.  Bored? invite a friend over and show him or her who is clearly the more superior human being by scrambling to the top first.  Have even more friends? wreck them apart by bifurcating their limbs with your mighty chainsaw or machete.  CLIMB! offers many ways to challenge yourself and others!


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Race for your life!

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